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Chapter 1:  America Enters the 21st Century
Laws on Cyberspace:
Register to Vote!!!
Chapter 2: The Constitution
Bill of Rights:
California Constitution:
Chapter 3: Federalism
Federalist Papers:
Federal Policy and Politics:
Milestones in Growth of American National Power:
Chapter 4: Civil Liberties
First Amendment Groups Opinions:
ACLU: Leading Civil Liberties Organization:
US Supreme Court Decisions:
Chapter 5: Civil Rights
The Life of MLK:
EEOC: Civil Rights Law Enforcement Agency:
NAACP Webpage:
Latino Link:
American Assocation of Retired Persons:
National Organization of Women:
Lesbian and Gay Alliance:
Chapter 6: Political Culture and Ideology
Political Identity:
Democratic Political Identity:
Republican Political Identity:
Libertarian Political Identity:
Do you know your Political Identity?:
Chapter 7: Interest Groups
Public Interest Research Group:
The National Rifle Association:
The American Association of Retired Persons:
The National Education Association:
X-PAC: Political Action Committee for Generation X:
Chapter 8: Political Parties
Polititcal Parties Throughout the World:
The Democratic Party:
The Republican Party:
The Libertarian Party:
The Green Party:
The Socialist Party:
Jesse Ventura's Website:
Chapter 9: Public Opinion and Voting
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research:
National Election Studies:
The Gallup Organization:
The Public Agenda:
The Pew Research Center:
Chapter 10: Campaigns and Elections
The Federal Election Commission:
Campaign Contribution Information:
Campaign Finance Reform:
Campaign Finance and Voting:
Chapter 11: Politics and the Media
Total News: Clearinghouse(s) of News
Television News Archive:
The Media Research Center:
Chapter 12: Politics in Cyberspace
The Clairmont Institute:
AFL-CIO Webpage:
Payscales of Notable CEO's:
New Zealand Electronic Electoral Trial:
Chapter 13: Congress
The Thomas Guide
GPO Access:
How a Bill Becomes Law:
Home Pages of Members of the House:
Home Pages of Members of the Senate:
The Congressional Black Caucus:
The Congressional Hispanic Congress:
Chapter 14: The Presidency
The White House:
Library of Congress info on the White House:
Presidential Inaugural Addresses: Washington to Clinton:
Texas A&M Research on the Office of the Presidency:
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum:
Chapter 15: The Bureaucracy
National Performance Review:
The General Services Administration:
Federal World:
The Federal Register:
The United States Government Manual:
Project on Government Insight (POGO)
Chapter 16: The Judiciary
Information on Supreme Court Justices:
Supreme Court Decisions on the Web:
State Supreme Court Cases:
The Federal Court System:
The Supreme Court's Published Pamphlet:
Chapter 17: Domestic Policy
Bureau Justice Statistics:
The Federal Budget:
The Federal Debt:
USA Statistics in Brief:
Economic Report of the President:
National Budget Simulation:
Chapter 18: The Politics of Regulation:
Airline Deregulation Information:
The Code of Federal Regulations:
Administrative Procedure Act:
US Government Printing Office:
United States Government Manual:
Planet Ark Environmental Foundation:
The Federal Trade Commission:
Chapter 19: Foreign Policy
The Institue for International Economics:
US Department of Defense's DefenseLINK:
The US Department of State:
US Intelligence and Terrorism:
The Global Legal Information Network:
The Worldbank:
The CIA's Role in the Study of UFO's:
Living in Candlestick Park:
Chapter 20: State and Local Politics
Information on the Fifty States:
Email Addresses of California Congressional Representatives:
Email Addresses of California State Senator's:
Local Area Interest Groups:
Current State Legislative Information:
The Center for Education Reform:

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