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Left, Right Assignment

Legislative Branch Exam Review

Unit One Government Jeopardy

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Unit 4: American Political Ideologies and Beliefs

Chapter 6 in Edwards textbook

Political Polarization in the American Public-Pew Research Center

"America's Missing Moderates: Hiding in Plain Sight"-Fiorina, Morris P.

"Your Surgeon Is Probably a Republican, Your Psychiatrist Probably a Democrat"-Sanger-Katz, Margot

The Monkey Cage Series on Political Polarization-The Washington Post

"Polarized or Sorted? Just Whats Wrong With Our Politics, Anyway?"-Alan Abramowitz and Morris Fiorina,

"A Deep Dive Into Party Affiliation"-Pew Research Center

Unit 5: Political Participation

Chapters 7-10 in Edwards textbook

"US Trails Most Developed Countries in Voter Turnout"-Pew Research Center

"How to Spot a Misleading Graph"-Lea Gaslowitz

"How to Spot Fake News"

Citezen's United v. FEC, 2010

"Americans' Attitudes About the News Media Deeply Divided Among Partisan Lines"-Pew Research Center

"The Electoral College: How it Works in Contemporary Presidential Elections"-Neale, Thomas H.