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Unit One: Principals and Foundations of Government


In this unit, students will study the fundamental principles and moral values of American democracy as expressed in the U.S. Constitution and other essential documents
of American democracy.
  We will focus on the following big idea:


The U.S. Constitution is a living document based on evolving interpretations of the meaning of democracy.




1)  Read Chapters 1-4 in Glencoe’s American Government Textbook

______/0     (pages 4 through 112)



2) Worksheet assignments aligned with textbook




3)  “Standard Deviations” video exercise(s)




4)  Poster Project (Details forthcoming)




5)  Notebook Check





6)    Unit Exam


______/50      There will be a test on this Foundations unit.  Be sure to pay attention and take notes during lectures.  And, STUDY before the test.    The test is mostly multiple-choice, but there will be a short written section. 


NOTEBOOK:  Your notebook is a very large grade in this class, and you will need good notes to study for tests and quizzes.  Be sure to take good notes during lectures.  Also, you can get extra credit by putting information, articles, pictures or your commentary in your notebook as long as it relates to what we are studying.

General Study Tip

When writing, never forget who your audience is. The written word is meant to be read, but it won't always be read by the same audience. Tailor your writing style to suit the people who will be reading your work.

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